Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My List:

With all the movies and shows and songs that talk about what you want to do with your life I have been inspired. One of my things to do for a while has been to leave my hand print on the world metaphorically and literally. I have been inspired by teachers, by 'The Buried Life', by 'The Bucket List' and 'Live Like You Were Dying'. So Here is my list so far:

1. leave my handprint on the world metaphorically
2. leave my handprint on the world literally
3. to make someone's life better by being in it
4. to make a big donation to charity
5. to kiss the guy of my dreams
6. to get married
7. have at least four kids
8. to never be forgotten
9. to befriend an enemy
10. to love unconditionally
11. to travel to a third world country and sacrifice my time for helping them
12. build someone a house
13. record a song in a recording studio
14. to get published
15. to be on ellen
16. ride on the tallest roller coaster
17. climb a mountain
18. visit mount rushmore
19. to be a youth camp leader
20. inspire someone i dont know
21. be in two places at once
22. name a star
23. go to a movie premier
24. to watch the sun set on the water
25. visit the south
26. meet a celebrity
27. buy a pair of toms shoes

Those are some of mine, what are yours?


  1. You can check off number three :)
    - Brooklyn

  2. Brooklyn- You are just too sweet! i love you so much! that just made my day....